A game changer for the event industry!

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Award Winning Design

ATS partnered with design firm Blink to create a mobile experience like no other. The design team collected insights from athletes, coaches, management team members and others to help inform important design decisions.  

The FEP app was awarded with the prestigious User Experience Award at the 2021 San Francisco Design Week.

Scalable for any event size

The FEP can be customizable to support events of all sizes and types.  Whether it’s a small local event or a large state, national or international event, the platform can be scaled up or down to throttle simultaneous connections.

Event organizers – this is a real game changer!

Technical Assistance

Let our professionals help you to find the appropriate solution for you.

Reliable and Safe Hosting

Our cloud services are powered by Amazon Web Services

Cost Effective Solutions

Our packages can be customized to meet most budgets.

Smart Features

AR Guided Directions

Note: only available in certain locations

Integrated Solutions

If there is a published API, we can integrate

Turnkey Solutions Available

Reliable and safe backups, and cloud-based hosting

30,000+ fans

June 2022 – FEP debuts at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games 

Words From Our Clients

We’re proud of the work we perform for all of our clients.  

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